Police reports for Aug. 23-25

Published 10:41 pm Monday, August 26, 2013

The following information comes directly from the City of Suffolk Department of Media and Community Relations. It should be noted that a criminal charge is only an accusation and does not indicate a conviction has or will be attained nor that the party listed in the arrest report is guilty of the crime listed.

August 23



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Possession of marijuana, East Washington Street and Bank Street Extended

Simple domestic assault, Portsmouth Boulevard

City report of property damage, Franklin Bypass

Failure to return rented property, North Main Street

Vandalism of private property, College Drive

Larceny – shoplifting, College Drive

Obstructing justice, Pitchkettle Road

Hit and run, Route 58 and Pitchkettle Road

Vandalism of private property, Battery Avenue

City report of property damage, Holland Road

Larceny – shoplifting, Bridge Road

Possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, Dill Road and Nancy Drive


Antwan Steven Underdue, 19, misdemeanor obstructing justice (M)

Joshua Ryan Brady, 26, contempt of court (M)

Steven Gabriel Montano, 31, violate protective order (M)

Jonathan Ray Copeland, 28, misdemeanor obstructing justice (M)

Nathan Murphey Powers, 18, concealment, price alter of merchandise valued at less than $200 (M)

Annette Riddick Thomas, 49, driving after forfeiture of license (M)

Ashley Lonore Blount, 19, concealment, price alter of merchandise valued at less than $200 (M)

Paula Michelle Wilkins, 28, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Everett Michael Bowers, 27, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Rachell Lorraine Perry, 30, assault and battery of a police officer or firefighter (F)

Matthew Scott Prince, 54, assault and battery of a family member (M)

August 24


Possession of cocaine, Staley Drive

Breaking and entering into a residence, Smith Street

Larceny – shoplifting, College Drive

Throwing missiles at an occupied dwelling, Battery Avenue

Gas drive-off, Carolina Road

Petit larceny, Holy Neck Road

Theft from a motor vehicle, Regency Drive

Drug overdose, Saint James Avenue

False information to police, West Washington Street and Gays Row

Larceny – shoplifting, North Main Street

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Catapult Court

Harassment by computer, Whaleyville Boulevard

Threaten bodily harm, Royal Oak Court

Lost or stolen property, Bridge Road

Hit and run, Hampton Roads Parkway

Identity theft, Sleepy Point Way

Larceny – shoplifting, College Drive

Found property, Bridge Road

Concealed weapon, Hollywood Avenue and Myrick Avenue

Larceny – shoplifting, Portsmouth Boulevard

Destruction of property, Crumplers Lane

Vandalism of private property, Brook Avenue

Simple domestic assault, Pinner Street

Prostitution, Harbour View Boulevard

Possession of marijuana, Cogic Square and Davis Boulevard


Joseph Antwoine Miles, 36, distribute or sell drugs for a profit (F)

Chris Amont Baker, 28, falsely identify self to a law enforcement officer (M)

Wiliford Dewey Owens, 25, harassment by computer (M)

Jalisa Jamilla Jones, 25, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Rasheed Ali McIntyre, 35, contempt of court (M)

Michael Leshae Bronner, 24, possession of marijuana (M)

Jackson Lee Leitner, 25, trespassing (M)

Danielle Lynn Waller, 20, trespassing (M)

Kaitlyn Taylor Foley, 19, trespassing (M)

Stephanie Robbins, 32, prostitution or solicitation of a prostitute (M)

Bernell William Richmond, 19, possession of marijuana (M)

Lonnie Lee Wiggins, 56, abduction to extort money or for an immoral purpose (F)

August 25


Simple domestic assault, Robertson Street

Simple domestic assault, Third Avenue

Simple assault, Collier Crescent

Simple assault, Cogic Square

Armed robbery, College Drive

Annoying phone calls, North Main Street

Breaking and entering into a business, Pine Street

Petit larceny, Woods Parkway

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Stacey Drive

Simple domestic assault, Bridge Road and Crittenden Road

Possession of marijuana, Respass Beach Road and Hampton Roads Parkway

Larceny – shoplifting, Godwin Boulevard

Elude police, Northgate Commerce Parkway

Petit larceny, North Main Street

Simple domestic assault, Lake Road

Destruction of property, South Main Street


Diana Cardenas, 41, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Ronald Kenneth Kelly, 23, possession of marijuana (M)

Brandon Dean Gunnell, 24, eluding police (M)

M – Misdemeanor

F — Felony