Great work from city employees

Published 9:13 pm Saturday, September 14, 2013

To the editor:

I’ve often said people will walk 10 miles to complain, but they won’t walk 10 feet to pay someone a compliment.

I write to you today to deliver a compliment to our city’s mosquito control division. The city makes many efforts to keep us informed, and when I read about the EEE virus and West Nile infecting animals in our area, I was concerned for my family and animals.

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I immediately called mosquito control to find out how to obtain the Mosquito Dunks for my properties and the proper way to use them. They provided me with much-needed information that I have utilized to prevent the breeding of the pests.

I’m very happy to say we’ve been able to enjoy outdoor evening cookouts and recreational activities without a lot of buzzing going on.

I’d walk 10 miles to brag on this division. They have been patient and kind, answering any questions and concerns I had.

Unlike many of our sister cities, Suffolk has some really rural areas and I can only imagine how hard mosquito control can be. These men and women surely put their best foot forward everyday to keep our little town safe.

Robin Burden