Godwin Bridge work a ‘nightmare’

Published 8:37 pm Monday, September 16, 2013

To the editor:

I have lived in the Sleepy Lake community for 10 years, and thought I was away from the traffic that bothers city dwellers, but to my dismay the recent work on the Godwin Bridge on Route 17 is a nightmare.

For over a year, they have been fiddling with it. The electronic signs do not match the schedule, and for the past three days, it has taken me more than 30 minutes to go two miles.

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People living in Cedar Point, Governor’s Point, Sleepy Lake and the rest of this area had better not have an emergency or an appointment of note.

This reminds me of the disaster that happened with the James River Bridge traffic about a year ago.

Also, please remember that this is a major road that extends all the way to Florida.

Shame on the city’s leadership, for they have made me feel like I live on Ocracoke Island.

Wayne Prince