Land transfers for Sept. 27 to Oct. 3

Published 8:58 pm Saturday, October 5, 2013

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


Sept. 27 to Oct. 3


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Surety Trustees LLC to Beneficial Financial I Inc., successor by merger to; 326 Greenfield Crescent; $155,700


Equity Trustees LLC to Wells Fargo Bank; 423 Collier Crescent; $179,200


Wells Fargo Bank to Robert Paul Weeks; 1207 Truman Road; $133,100


Alton C. Perry to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 196 S. Main St.; $107,000


John E. Hall to HSBC Bank USA National Association, trustee; 1517 Governor’s Wharf; $787,121.05


Michael J. Santoro to Marshall B. Williams II; 2471 Box Elder Road; $50,000


M&R Homes LLC to Lisa Chellis; 176 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $216,000


Cynthia J. Ghaemmaghami to Robert J. Butler; 102 Windy Point Drive; $310,000


Christopher D. Pruitt to Tyrone D. Bannarbie; 101 Dutchland Trail; $229,000


Brian R. Stephens to Loc Thanh Le; 5019 Kelso St.; $278,100


Quality Home Construction LLC to Luccressa R. Davis; 4516 John St.; $228,000


Connie F. Rodriguez to Jeffrey L. Bullion; 2600 Little John Road; $168,500


John W. King to Ricki B. Latta; 1311 Holland Road; $129,900


Derand Lee to Jermaine P. Gaines; 217 Bridgewater Court; $263,900


Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to Keith C. Kaufman; 3316 Forsythia Court; $460,997


Edward W. Townsend to Edwin Milteer; 124 Highfield Road; $242,500


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Orlando J. Marin Colon; 5110 Kings Grant Circle; $275,228


Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 112 Saint James Ave.; $115,100


Keith W. Hoagland to Gregory Kevin Greene; 261 Burnetts Way; $145,400


U.S. Bank National Association to Zachary T. Patterson; 5064 Kelso St.; $241,400


Aaron Bitner to Jason Aaron Jarvis; 2005 Woodshire Way; $233,300


Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Pagan Jose G. Castro; 6088 Newington Place; $229,900


Matthew M. Ramsey to Robertulio Ruizvallejo; 6009 Mainsail Lane; $282,000


Dennis E. Whealdon to Jesse J. Johnson III; 1604 Cornus Court; $295,500


James P. Parker to Levi Williams; 143 Mallard Drive; $178,000


Aaron B. Jackson Jr. to Ernest W. Ellis; 4550 White Marsh Road; $137,500


Dan P. McWiggins, trustee, to Ardean B. West; 5100 Dominion Drive; $303,700


D&B Properties Inc. to Petula Joseph; 6432 Olde Bullocks Circle; $262,500


Owen D. Griffin Jr. to Adam M. Foster; 5106 Muirifield Loop; $332,100


Justin R. Roth to Tamera Streeter; 1204 Teton Circle; $174,100


James W. Owens to Catherine V. Smith; 914 Vineyard Place #A; $276,000


Cash Flow Resources LLC to Melissa Ann Coles; 724 Dixon Drive; $119,500


TerryPeterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Michael R. Sinclair; 211 Cooper Lane; $354,945


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Margaret M. Cress; 3924 Pughsville Road; $116,000


Joseph R. Pearl to Khalid Solomon; 6110 Amberly Circle; $241,300


Ian M. Hernandez to Bryan W. Holland; 2531 Queens Point Drive; $224,000


Champion Mortgage Company to Adam W. McClellan; 1921 Carolina Road; $84,100


Steven L. Smith to Wells Fargo Bank; 5504 Buckhorne Crescent; $207,900


MMJ Properties LLC to Conservation Inc.; no description given; $188,000


Brian K. Whitmore to Wells Fargo Bank; 1129 Proctor St.; $166,000


Eva Daniels, trustee, to Early Gay Jr., trustee; .09 acres on Crocker Plat; $101,900


Gallagher Construction Corporation to Bank of Hampton Roads; 403 Quaker Ridge Court; $430,800


Ella Lee Ralph to Sun West Mortgage Company Inc.; 1006 Blythewood Lane; $123,800


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Enrique Treto Jr.; 5107 Kings Grant Circle; $259,880


TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Soloman L. Midgette; 7249-D Arrington St.; $169,900


Rosita C. Goodrum to David J. Robinson; 3019 Stone Creek Drive; $257,400


Carlos Morales to Darrell Waddler; 621 Spruce St.; $132,400


Hosea H. Goodwyn Sr. to Janeen C. Perry-Campbell; 160 Graystone Trace Unit 1; $202,800


Rebecca M. Webster to Christopher W. Harper; 6716 Glasgow St.; $239,700


Commonwealth Asset Services LLC, trustee, to Generation Mortgage Company; 606 Pitchkettle Road; $72,100


TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Meghana Shah; 6117 Cushing St.; $246,000


Erin Marie McConnel to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 331 Westwood Drive; $192,700


Judith M. Rice to Jodi K. Bailey; 6114 Cambridge Drive W.; $184,900