Tea Party endorses Pond

Published 9:10 pm Saturday, October 5, 2013

By Lorriane Yuriar

We need change in the government of Suffolk. Too many people I talk to on the street feel that those in power in this city are no longer listening to the citizens they were elected to represent. While there are no City Council or School Board elections this year, and most of the local races are unopposed, there is a way to send a message to the good ol’ boys’ club that runs this city. Elect Jen Pond as sheriff on Nov. 5.

Jen has been in law enforcement for eight years, seven of them with the Suffolk Police Department, and is currently employed as a deputy sheriff with the Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office.


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She was one of only two city employees to speak out against the outrageous pay increases for the top tier of city government employees during the great budget battle of 2012. Because she believes so strongly in fiscal responsibility and saving the city money, Jen has committed to invest $10,000 of her salary as sheriff into community programs, saving the city and the sheriff’s office money.

One of Jen’s goals as sheriff will be to begin the arduous process of getting the Suffolk Sheriff’s Office accredited. Most of our surrounding cities have already taken this step, but at this moment, Suffolk’s Sheriff’s Office is not accredited. While accreditation is a long process, it will bring more accountability and transparency to our Sheriff’s Office.

Honesty and integrity are core values central to Jen’s campaign. As a Suffolk police officer, Jen has demonstrated her commitment to integrity. At one point in her career with SPD, Jen was put in the awkward position of arresting a family member for a DUI. She ardently believes that no one should be above the law and that everyone should be treated fairly.

Early in her career, Jen was forced to leave the Suffolk Police Department in order to dedicate her time and energies to caring for her out-of-state father, who had become ill. Fortunately, several months later, another family member was able to move in with Jen’s aging parents, and she was able to resume her career as a Suffolk police officer. Due to Jen’s past exemplary work record with the Suffolk Police Department, she was rehired almost immediately when the Suffolk Police Department waived the standard background check in order to get her back to work in short order.

Unfortunately, in early 2012, shortly after winning the Officer of the First Quarter award, Jen resigned from the Suffolk Police Department. During her time in the Narcotics Special Investigations Unit, ethical concerns arose that she felt were not being addressed, thereby creating a work environment that was not up to the level of police work at which Jen felt the Suffolk Police Department should have been operating. Rather than risk becoming involved in situations that she felt compromised her integrity, Jen left the Suffolk Police Department. Jen was quickly retained by the Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office, where her work has been described as excellent by her supervisors.

Suffolk Chapter of the Hampton Roads Tea Party has officially endorsed Jen Pond for Suffolk City Sheriff in the November 2013 election. Join us to help bring change to Suffolk.

 Lorriane Yuriar is vice-chair of the Suffolk chapter of the Hampton Roads Tea Party. Contact her at conservative@yuriar.com.