You Asked: Speed enforcement

Published 9:59 pm Saturday, October 12, 2013

You Asked: Why is there no enforcement of the 45-mph speed limit on Portsmouth Boulevard? Vehicles exiting Route 58 at highway speed of 60 mph fail to slow down until the traffic light at Nansemond Parkway. — T.L., Suffolk

Answer: Capt. John Brooks of the Suffolk Police Department says police officers “uniformly enforce speed laws within the city of Suffolk.”

“Traffic law enforcement is just one of the many responsibilities of the Suffolk Police Department,” Brooks wrote in an email. “Enforcement not only involves arrests and summonses but includes warnings to drivers and pedestrians to prevent them from committing minor violations.”

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“Traffic enforcement may react to observed violations, at crashes, or in response to community concerns, or may be proactive to prevent traffic violations,” he added.

Because excessive speed is a major cause of death and injury, drivers are encouraged to mind the speed limit and contact the police department if they have problems.

“The safety of our citizens is and always has been the top priority for the department,” Chief Thomas Bennett said in an email. “We invite our citizens to contact us should they have safety concerns about any of our roadways.”