A good day in Chuckatuck

Published 8:54 pm Monday, October 28, 2013

For the village of Chuckatuck, the second time around went far better than the first.

Having suffered a rainout courtesy of Hurricane Sandy last year, the first edition of Founder’s Day in Chuckatuck was an unfortunate bust. This year, though, organizers, participants and revelers were blessed with a perfect fall day for the event, and they made the most of it.

Beginning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the newly renovated and re-opened historic Gwaltney Store at the corner of Kings Highway and Godwin Boulevard, the celebration of all things Chuckatuck was a community-bonding event for one of the city’s most close-knit villages.


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Folks in Chuckatuck often grew up together. Their parents grew up together, and their grandparents babysat and watched over neighborhood kids as they played ball or rode their bicycles or went from one home to another for afternoon snacks on the walk home from school.

Today, the village benefits from a series of sidewalks connecting many of those homes and giving residents a safe place to walk, even in the face of increasing traffic counts along arterial Godwin Boulevard.

On Saturday, traffic moved steadily along that road throughout the day. But Kings Highway was shut down for a good portion of the morning to allow for the parade and related events. Golf carts shuttled visitors from the post office parking lot to the fire station and back, and neighbors renewed the tradition of standing alongside the road and chatting with each other.

If you ask a native Chuckatuck-er, he’ll tell you that ANY day is a good day to be in Chuckatuck. On Saturday, at least, it was easy to understand the sentiment.