Pond would be a ‘21st-century sheriff’

Published 8:33 pm Monday, October 28, 2013

To the editor:

Suffolk is fast becoming a 21st-century city, and it needs a 21st-century sheriff, one who uses fresh expertise to increase transparency, while maintaining strong leadership principles to move the department forward.

By all important standards, Jen Pond is the best candidate for the position.

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A 21st-century sheriff serves the community with integrity.

Pond has been a law-enforcement professional for eight years, including seven spent with the Suffolk Police Department as a patrol officer, recruiter, background investigator and narcotics investigator. She also has worked as a deputy sheriff in Portsmouth.

A 21st-century sheriff needs firsthand experience to lead. Pond has recent skills and experience on the front lines of law enforcement and will rely on this knowledge to guide her department.

She has been instrumental in hundreds of current criminal investigations resulting in the removal of illegal drugs, weapons and criminals from our community. Using this know-how, Pond will provide expertise and training for deputies in modern law-enforcement techniques and actively pursue Virginia state accreditation for the Suffolk Sheriff’s Office.

Accreditation is the preventive maintenance the Sheriff’s Office needs to operate in the 21st century. It is far less costly than lawsuits stemming from outdated and inconsistent practices.

Our Sheriff’s Office has been marred by unanswered corruption concerns, but accreditation will give our community the confidence that the Sheriff’s Office is performing with integrity and transparency at all times.

As a fast-growing city, we should be striving for excellence in each department, including the Sheriff’s Office.

A 21st-century sheriff remains grounded in the community. Pond has been active in grassroots community efforts. She holds the distinction of being the only woman to win the Police Academy’s Citizen Police Top Boot Award.

Pond is running to create a transparent, approachable and productive Sheriff’s Office for our entire community. In fact, her pledge to donate $10,00 a year from her own salary to the Sheriff’s Office’s community programs proves her dedication to community service.

Jen Pond operates with integrity, has practical on-the-job experience and is devoted to the people of Suffolk. She is the 21st-century sheriff we need.

Vote for Jen Pond on Nov. 5.

Kerry Holmes