Don’t vote to ‘Detroit’ Virginia

Published 8:05 pm Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To the editor:

Please, fellow citizens — when you go to vote next week, don’t vote to “Detroit” Virginia.

The commonwealth is well run, often ranked first in the nation as a business friendly state. We do not need a Chicago-style politician, propped up by the Clintons, as our next governor.

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We do not need a professional political fundraiser who has never held a public office to be our governor. We do not need a governor who is owned by and will be a pawn of outside interests. Virginia cannot afford a governor who needs on-the-job training.

Ken Cuccinelli is a true Virginian. He is a straight-arrow family man, who — when he served in the Senate — drove up I-95 from Richmond to Northern Virginia in the evenings to be home to help his wife with their children.

He possesses a sense of fair play and empathy, in addition to a giant intellect, which will serve him well as our governor.

Virginia cannot afford the embarrassment of a community organizer or an unprepared fundraiser as governor.

Remember when you go to the polls next week that elections have consequences.

Carol Lynne Shotton