No cause for alarm

Published 8:48 pm Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The announcement last week that Paul D. Camp Community College is preparing to trim a few positions due to decreased enrollment is not one that should cause significant alarm regarding the overall health of the institution. In fact, it is quite natural for smaller community colleges to experience fluctuations in enrollment as the economy ebbs and flows. Like any business dependent on consumer demand, a reduction in staff is appropriate when times require it.

Several of our staff members have been the direct beneficiaries of a community college education, both at Virginia institutions and those in other states, which served as a springboard to opportunities at four-year institutions. A community college is also an excellent way to learn specific skills and trades that can more directly lead to employment in a chosen field.

The community college system fills a need very prevalent in today’s world of skyrocketing costs at traditional four-year institutions. As strong supporters of the benefits a community college can provide, we expect that Paul D. Camp Community College will continue as a provider in that role for many years to come.

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