A love story that we’re happy to tell

Published 10:02 pm Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Suffolk News-Herald reader — who shall remain anonymous for a few more days — has raised the bar for husbands everywhere.

I, for one, will never top it.

It’s not unusual for readers to buy space in our newspaper to wish a happy birthday or memorialize a loved one. Never, though, in my 20 years of publishing has someone gone to such lengths to express their affection as the hopeless romantic whose saga “A Storybook Romance” is unfolding daily on Page 3.

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Our regular advertisers can appreciate the expense of publishing a large ad, in color, for 15 consecutive issues. Let’s just say it’s not cheap, proving, in this case, that you can’t put a price tag on true love.

Chapter 5 appears in today’s edition.

Here are the first four if you missed them:

  • Chapter 1: Our story began on a late summer evening, two young kids living one day at a time. You were special the first day we met, and today you continue to be even more special.
  • Chapter 2: Even though we were young, still finding our way in life, I realized you were going to be the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
  • Chapter 3: The first years of our marriage included a lot of time apart, but we only grew closer as the days passed. I always hated the separations, and the days leading up to it were the hardest.
  • Chapter 4: I remember as clear as day when we purchased our first home. It seemed as if we were on top of the world. We both worked multiple jobs to make ends meet, but we still found time for each other. As I look back on those first years, I realize they were very special and true building blocks for our marriage. While in the service, we began to make a new career together to prepare us for the great days and adventures to come.

As of Tuesday, the subject of this very public display of affection hadn’t yet figured out that she’s the one. Hundreds of Suffolk women remain hopeful — or horrified — prospects.

The secret’s entirely safe with me, even though many of you have asked me about the author’s identity. We don’t kiss and tell at the News-Herald, so mum’s the word until the cat is out of the bag and our customer gives us the go-ahead.

Each chapter gets a little more specific, and the list of prospective couples shrinks with every installment.

Might it be you? Keep on reading.

Steve Stewart is publisher of the Suffolk News-Herald. His email address is steve.stewart@suffolknewsherald.com.