No rain on this parade

Published 10:10 pm Saturday, December 14, 2013

To the editor:

Whatever happened to gathering the blankets, grabbing the seat cushions, and umbrellas, and heading to the parade?

Some of the best memories came when little Johnny forgot his coat or Sally had only one mitten. There is joy and laughter in the stories over the years about sitting on a beautiful, 75-degree day at the Christmas parade, about the one when the snow came down just as Santa’s float passed by or even the one when your older brother jumped so hard in the puddle to see if he could get your shirt wet.

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But this year citizens of Suffolk have been deprived the privilege of such memories. Their memories will be “Remember when a prediction of rain canceled the parade. No fear of lighting, no fear of freezing temperatures, no fear of hurricane gust winds, just a bit of water.” Water that wasn’t even a reality until Saturday afternoon.

The parade could have gone on, and those who didn’t want to get wet could have stayed home. Many hours, money, and children’s excitement were built around the idea of the parade.

I am deeply disappointed in the city of Suffolk’s leaders and decision makers because of the cancelation of this year’s Christmas parade.

However, they did not rain on my parade. On Dec. 20 at an already-scheduled event at our church, smiles will be displayed and memories will be made when children pile on our float and we drive it up and down Cypress Chapel Road, in all its lights and glory.

Christina Surber