Ice causes accidents

Published 8:48 pm Thursday, December 26, 2013

A number of single-car accidents with minor injuries occurred on Route 58 at Blackwater Bridge after a band of frozen precipitation moved through Suffolk Thursday morning, the city reported.

The accidents at the Franklin Bypass were the result of drivers slipping on the icy roadway and into the guardrail, according to city spokesman Tim Kelley.

“There has not been one big accident,” he said in an email.

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The road remained open and police were on scene, Kelley said, adding that traffic had been slowed as wreckers arrived to remove vehicles.

“The accidents have been occurring on both the Suffolk and Southampton County sides of this stretch of road,” Kelley said.

Also, reports say no one injured when a truck flipped over a guardrail at Pruden Boulevard.

In a news release shortly after 9 a.m., Suffolk Police and Suffolk Fire and Rescue urged caution with possible icing conditions on bridges, overpasses and other elevated surfaces.

The band of ice was moving through Suffolk as of 8:48 a.m., with black ice on roadways reported.

About noon, Kelley said warmer temperatures had improved conditions. Department of Public Works crews spent the morning applying sand to icy bridges and overpasses.