Warriors swamp Bulldogs

Published 10:58 pm Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Both the boys’ and girls’ swim teams for Nansemond River High School enjoyed big wins Saturday against King’s Fork High School at the Great Bridge Swim and Racquet Club.

The NR boys’ won 125-44, while the girls’ won 116-51.

Nansemond River swims against Oscar Smith High School this evening and against Hickory High School on Saturday. King’s Fork faces off against Lakeland High School on Saturday. All meets will be held at the Great Bridge Swim and Racquet Club.

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Following are selected Nansemond River highlights from the meet:

  • Girls’ 200 medley relay: 1st-NR ‘A’ (Natalie Kuhn, Tayler Pearl, Cali Valdivieso, Claire Janek) 2:41.12; 2nd-NR ‘B’ (Madison Rivoir, Meghan Pearl, Abigail Stopyra, Dawn Wright) 2:49.69
  • Girls’ 200 free: 1st-Jordan Stockman 3:00.33; 2nd-Dawn Wright 3:01.99; 3rd-Shianne Lindsay 3:28.02
  • Boys’ 100 free: 1st-Caleb Wassman 1:08.63; 2nd-Joseph Pedersen 1:09.66; 3rd-Donte Cartagena 1:11.18
  • Boys’ 400 free: 1st-Cody Edwards 5:11.72; 2nd-Daniel Kent 5:27.24; 3rd-Jacob Hopple 5:38.15
  • Boys’ 200 free relay: 1st-NR ‘A’ (Michael Betts, Jacob Hopple, Cody Edwards, Logan Eubanks) 1:53.91; 2nd-NR ‘B’ (Caleb Wassman, Jonathan Sharpe, Donte Cartagena, Joseph Pedersen) 2:02.29
  • Girls’ 200 free relay: 1st-NR (Claire Janek, Cali Valdivieso, Kendall Webster, Zoa Dalton) 2:23.88; 2nd-NR (Jordan Stockman, Kaitlyn Higgins, Tayler Pearl, Madison Rivoir) 2:30.98
  • Girls’ 100 back: 1st-Natalie Kuhn 1:37.74; 2nd-Cali Valdivieso 1:40.99; 3rd-Shianne Lindsay 1:47.87
  • Boys’ 100 breast: 1st-Michael Betts 1:18.43; 2nd-River Fiedler 1:32.12; 3rd-Jonathan Sharpe 1:32.98