World Class gymnasts compete in New York

Published 10:18 pm Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Athletes from World Class Gymnastics participated last weekend in the Manhattan Classic in New York. Individual and team scores were as follows:

Level 10

Senior A: Taylor Harrison, 1T vault 9.65, 2nd bars 9.525, 3rd beam 9.225, 2nd floor, 9.4, 1st all around 37.8; Katherine Locher, 3rd floor 9.35

Junior B: Jamie Stone, 2nd vault 9.25, 1st bars 9.275, 1st all around 36.05


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Junior A: Hope Nelson, 2nd beam 9.1; Kourtney Chinnery, 1st floor 9.525

World Class Gymnastics took first-place team with a score of 111.655 over Technique Gymnastics’ 111.17.

Level 9

Senior A: Tyra Kinloch-Bailey, 1st vault 9.1, 1st bars 9.2, 1st all around 35.65; Hayley Hartfiel, 3rd bars 8.6, 2nd floor 9.0, 2nd all around 34.475; Emma Sears, 1st beam 8.875, 1st floor 9.1; Gaby Johanek, 3rd floor 8.9

Junior B: Ashleigh Turek, 1st bars 9.15, 2nd all around 35.775; Melinda Anselmo, 2T beam 9.1

Junior A: Lexi Mills, 2nd bars 9.125; Lily Olson, 3rd floor 9.2

World Class Gymnastics took first-place team with a score of 109.2 over RGA NY Gymnastics’ 108.85.

Level 8

Senior A: Christine Teague, 3rd vault 8.7

Junior B: Jenna Fletcher, 1st vault 9.425, 2nd floor 9.375, 2nd all around 37.275; Kelsey Jones, 3rd vault 9.05

Junior A: Katherine Scibelli, 3rd floor 9.525

Level 7

Senior A: Katarina Keppler, 3rd vault 9.3, 2T floor 9.4

Junior B: MacKenzy Walvatne, 1st bars 9.5, 1st beam 9.525, 2T floor 9.5, 1st all around 37.675; Kiana Lewis, 1st vault 9.5, 2T floor 9.5, 2nd all around 37.150; Angelina Keppler, 1st floor 9.550

Junior A: Carley Deaver, 1st beam 9.550; Abigail White, 2nd vault 9.5, 3T floor 9.6; Jaelah Warner, 2T bars 9.225, 1st floor 9.750; Samantha Nickle, 3T floor 9.6; Jamison Sears, 1st vault 9.6

World Class Gymnastics took first-place team with a score of 113.90 to Bart Connor Gymnastics’ 111.32.

Level 6

Senior A: Dominique Rice, 2nd beam 8.8; Emalie Steffen, T3 floor 9.05; Sara Rhodes, 2nd floor 9.4; Catherine Nicely, T2 vault 9.45, 1st beam 9.15, T3 floor 9.05, 1st all around 36.5

Junior B: Emily Waterman, 3rd vault 9.3; 2nd bars 9.2; 2nd beam 9.425, T2 floor 9.3, 1st all around 37.225

Junior A: Ava Siegfelt 1st vault 9.5, 2nd beam 9.225, 1st all around 36.775

Level 6 took first-place team with a 111.15 to Gym Village’s 110.05.