A few thoughts about true love

Published 9:13 pm Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

Following are some of my thoughts about the power of love, via the raw English translations of my original Ilokano poems, originally published in 2005 and 2006.

Faces of Love


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1. Two birds

two flying creatures

singing sweet notes of love

(morning music to the ears)

as they stick together

they go wherever…

2. Priest or pastor

entered the seminary

heeded the call of the Almighty

to serve His flock of humanity

enlightening the path of so many.

3. Nun or sister

entered the convent

in the midst of innuendos

and temptations of a troubled world

to serve Him, her Savior.

4. Pen pals-turned happy couple

longtime pen friends

haven’t seen each other for the first time

‘til love, trust and commitment developed

for a beautiful world and a secured family.

5. Expatriate or overseas worker

left country-home for employment

endured home separation and work condition

to eke out a decent living

for his future and family.

6. Seller or vendor

peddling and selling stuff

food and other commodities

just to provide and support a family

out of poverty, out of love.

7. Farmer

at dawn, you’re in the field

tilling the soil, toiling, and doing other farm work

plowing, planting, sowing, cultivating until dusk

envisioning a bountiful harvest.

8. Teacher

early morn, you’re at school

eager and ready to teach and inspire

so students will learn and grow

and their dreams come true.

9. Writer

creates a story out of words

beautiful, sweet, powerful words

that are informative, entertaining, revolutionary

making life exciting, meaningful, wonderful.

10. Healthcare provider

in hospitals or clinics, you’re there

practicing and putting your profession to work

treating and caring for the sick, thus saving lives

(focusing on the health and well-being of all)

so life-world continues to exist and spin.

11. Blessed Mother Teresa

you didn’t mind your frail stature

so you could serve the Almighty Lord

loving, caring for the sick, the “untouchables”

that the troubled world ignored and abandoned.

12. Retired couple

two chosen, fortunate, loving people

sitting unperturbed on a park bench

exchanging sweet glances, hugging, locking lips

smiling happily, feeling contented, with no worry.

13. Volunteer worker

though how busy you are

at work and/or with family

you always find time to spare and share

to all those who need assistance and help.

14. Parents and Grandparents

lots of sacrifice and compromise

patience, endurance, hard work

just so their brood and tribe taken care of

that family and the world rejoice.

Chris Quilpa, a Suffolk resident, is a retired U.S. Navy veteran. He was one of the top five Iluko writers for www.iluko.com in 2008. E-mail him at chris.a.quilpa@gmail.com.