Cargo growth sparks efficiency discussions

Published 7:50 pm Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Virginia Port Authority has reported that booming exports led a strong January at the commonwealth’s cargo terminals, with 167,272 TEUs (20 foot-equivalent containers) surpassing January 2013 by 8,506 TEUs.

The volume exceeded forecasts, authority CEO and executive director John Reinhart stated in a news release.

“We’re strong on the export side because the ocean carriers are taking advantage of Virginia’s deep water and loading heavy on the out-bound leg of their journey,” he stated.


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“We expect the carriers to take even greater advantage of that asset as the bigger vessels get introduced into service.”

The port would need to become more efficient to meet the demand, Reinhart stated, and officials were discussing this, including with rail, motor carrier, International Longshoremen’s Association and ocean carrier partners.