Deal offered for February tolls

Published 7:55 pm Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tunnel travelers who don’t have an E-ZPass will begin getting invoices in the mail soon to pay up, but they can reduce some of the pain if they obtain an E-ZPass soon or show proof they got one after the start of tolling.

Tolling began at the Downtown and Midtown tunnels on Feb. 1. For the month of February only, Elizabeth River Tunnels will waive half of the processing fee for all Pay By Plate customers who convert to E-ZPass or show proof they already got one. To get the deal, the customer also must pay his invoice within 30 days.

The invoices will contain a graphic that highlights the amount of money the motorist would have saved for the month as an E-ZPass customer, according to a press release from Elizabeth River Tunnels.


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It’s part of a continued effort to encourage travelers to pay the lowest toll rate, according to the press release. Folks with registered, pre-paid plates pay the toll plus a 75-cent processing fee, but people with unregistered plates pay the toll plus a $1.50 processing fee.

E-ZPass customers, however, pay only the toll plus a monthly fee of 50 cents.

To take advantage of the offer, call 855-ERT-ROAD or visit the Elizabeth River Tunnels Customer Service Center at 700 Port Centre Parkway, Portsmouth. Elizabeth River Tunnels customer service representatives are also temporarily located at the E-ZPass Customer Service Centers at 1701 Church St., Norfolk, and 4010 Victory Blvd., Portsmouth.