Medicaid model should protect Virginians

Published 8:58 pm Saturday, March 8, 2014

To the editor:

I do not support Obama Care or Medicaid expansion, nor do I support allowing our new taxes to be spent in other states instead of being used to provide access to quality health care to those Virginians caught in the gap between earning too much for Medicaid and too little for the new subsidies.

However, I do support the option of a Virginia solution that identifies and addresses concerns and the application for a waiver to allow for this plan. I would like to thank the Virginia Chamber of Commerce for being so vocal and informative on this issue.


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I expect our legislators to begin the discussions now to determine how to create a model that incorporates accountability and cost effectiveness and gives us a way to reduce the impact to Virginia if the federal government does not provide the funding for Medicaid expansion that it has promised.

Brandy Dyke