Pumped up for 3K race

Published 10:10 pm Friday, March 14, 2014

Regular readers of this page will recognize a fondness for the many wonderful events happening in Suffolk nearly year-around that aim to help residents improve their health.

In a city where health parameters such as the rates of diabetes diagnoses and complications are above the state averages, participation in these events is important. They help local folks see how easy it can be to incorporate moderate exercise into their everyday routine.

In addition to controlling weight and combating or preventing a wide range of health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, regular exercise also helps improve mood, boost energy and promote better sleep, according to the Mayo Clinic. It also gets you outdoors, gives you a chance to unwind and helps you engage with friends and family.


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In short, there’s no downside to regular physical activity. There’s always the potential for injury, but complete elimination of risk isn’t possible, whether you exercise or not. Avoiding exercise for that reason alone is likely to do more harm than good. Just make sure you check with your doctor on which type of exercise is ideal for your health condition.

Another of the exercise opportunities Suffolk is becoming known for will take place next Saturday, March 22. The America Rocks 3K, presented by the Salvation Army and Suffolk Partnership for a Healthy Community, will start with registration at 8 a.m., followed by warm-up at 8:30 a.m. and the race at 9 a.m. It is at Creekside Elementary School, 1000 Bennetts Creek Park Road.

Organizers said the event aims to get everyone involved in fitness and healthy living. The 3K distance — just under two miles — is more manageable for a beginner than the popular 5K distance, which is a little more than three miles.

Registration for the event costs $10 for children and $20 for adults. Registrations can be sent to tasha@lctwf.org, and are due by Wednesday, March 19.