Church seeks property donation

Published 9:43 pm Saturday, March 15, 2014

A local church is seeking a donation of property after receiving federal approval for a low-powered FM radio station.

The Master’s House Church hopes to find a location, which must be within five miles of its current location at 3537 Pruden Blvd., where it can erect a small tower and a publicly accessible studio. The non-commercial, Christian station will be branded as Worship Jesus Radio.

Princella Johnson, founder and senior pastor of the church, said it would prefer to move the church to that new location as well.


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“What we’re really looking for is a place we would be able to just converge all of our church/community outreach projects and the radio station all in one place,” she said. “It makes sense for us to be in downtown, it would be accessible to a lot of people in the area.”

Johnson said the church’s property currently is rented and it does not want to put a tower on a piece of property it doesn’t own.

The church is under a time crunch, too. The tower must be constructed within 18 months.

“We only have a certain amount of time to erect our tower,” Johnson said. “The donor for the location is critical for us.”

In addition to Christian music, the radio station also would provide community news, school closings and other resources, Johnson said.

“We definitely want to have those persons who are interested in the betterment of our city to have an opportunity to come on the air,” Johnson said. “That way, we’ll be unifying the city through this medium.”

Johnson said the radio station would also help unify the ministry of the church in downtown, rather than its current Pruden Boulevard location.

It hopes to build partnerships with local schools and use the radio station to help interest young people in broadcast careers. It also would provide its usual food assistance and other ministries from the new location, which would include giving out Panera Bread leftovers four times a week as part of the company’s Day End program.

“I’m excited,” Johnson said. “This is going to revival local radio.”

For more information, call the church at 394-3377.