No eating in the bathroom

Published 10:49 pm Friday, March 21, 2014

I have never eaten a meal in a bathroom. Not even at home. When I’m out with my family and my young kids try to take their covered drink with them to the bathroom before we leave, I correct them. Even taking a covered drink into the restroom seems like a bad idea to me.

Can someone please tell me why it is unsanitary and unsightly for me to be served a steak and potato, a hamburger, or even a glass of water in a bathroom but it is commonplace and even expected that a baby should have to eat in a bathroom?

I’ve never eaten under a blanket. I have never taken a sheet to the dinner table, placed it over my head, and then began to eat. Yet, I have seen countless mothers nursing their child with a sheet over the baby’s head. Why must a mother use a sheet or other cover to feed a child in the very manner in which God intended for that child to be fed?


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I am utterly at a loss about the supposed sanity of a society that readily accepts scantily clad women at a Hooters restaurant but demands that a mother doing the most natural and nurturing act imaginable has to hide the beauty of her motherly nurture under a cover or take her child into a bathroom as though she is doing something shameful that must be hidden.

I’m appalled at the audacity of any man to suggest that a woman nursing her baby is the one being inappropriate and offensive. Is it not a great deal more inappropriate for a man to watch with anything other than respect as a mother cares for and provides for her child?

The truth is that we have the luxury of such petty and ridiculous offense only in a place like America. We can afford to substitute nature’s milk for manufactured formula imitations.

In two-thirds of the world breastfeeding is commonplace, because poverty necessitates it. Without mother’s milk, many children could not survive.

The most bizarre aspect of this strange cultural reality is that it isn’t just men who have such senseless attitudes about breastfeeding. I expect men in our overly sexually charged culture to be inappropriate about a woman’s breast. But I have even heard women say they just couldn’t breastfeed because it felt awkward for a baby to suckle on them.

Awkward? That is what a breast is for. All other uses are secondary. Women have breasts in order to nurture and nourish babies. That is how God designed them, and His design is beautiful.

Ladies, please stop feeding babies in bathrooms. If someone has a problem with you nursing your baby, it is their problem. Celebrate the beauty of having the superpower of making milk and making a baby know he is loved.