A sneaky deal with the U.S. Army

Published 10:30 pm Friday, April 18, 2014

To the editor:

As a lifelong resident of Suffolk and a city employee, it appears that after 63 years, absolutely nothing has changed except the faces and names of the politicians on council and at City Hall.

I found out merely by chance that the “sneaky” Suffolk government has been for three years working behind the scenes to further improve the Bennett’s Creek area by negotiating with the U.S. Army to “swap” land. Then they listed the deal as a public hearing just before Wednesday’s council meeting.


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A public hearing in my dictionary is a separate meeting to inform the public of proposed plans. This was not what our City Council members did. They secretly met with the Army, negotiated a deal that favored the city and passed it without any consideration to those who have lived on Carolina Road for their entire life.

I grew up on Carolina Road, raised my family there, and now my grandchildren live there — because it is safe. They can enjoy playing in their yard without fear.

What will they have, now that the Army is building behind them?

Suffolk has had a lot of catchy phrases during my lifetime, but none fits them any better than “Sneaky Suffolk.” Doesn’t it make you wonder what else they are working on secretly? Maybe your home or neighborhood is next.

Hey, Bennett’s Creek, get ready. The city is coming to take you over.

Linda Thomas