Turnout belies voters’ interest

Published 10:25 pm Friday, April 18, 2014

To the editor:

Was it apathy or a silent groundswell?

Wednesday’s City Council meeting easily could be seen as disappointing with regards to the number of citizens present. City officials may view it as sign people just do not care. They would be wrong.


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I think the turnout was encouraging. People are concerned that the city government is not responding to the wishes of its citizens. Citizens have just finally realized the present officials do not care what the people want.

Why waste your time sitting in council chambers for hours just to talk for the three minutes allowed by the Mayor, when local code makes no such time limit? It will not make a difference, anyway. Council members already had their minds made up.

Last year’s promise to replace air-conditioning units when they break went unfulfilled. Units at Kilby Shores broke just before school started, and the units are still there. Instead of using excess revenue to address the issue, as Councilman Duman moved to do, City Council put the money in its transportation rainy day fund instead.

This year’s city budget is $25 million more than last year’s, and local officials are telling us there is just not enough money. Yet there was enough money after the 2012 election to give the city manager a 17-percent pay raise on top of the 3 percent she received along with all other city employees.

I wonder how big a raise she will get after this year’s elections?

The answer to that question depends on whether citizens are really unhappy with the present council. Many people feel our council should work for the people and not the city manager.

This year we can make that happen.

Chris Dove