April 18-24 Land Transfers

Published 10:20 pm Saturday, April 26, 2014

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


April 18-24


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Nectar Projects Inc., trustee, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 319 Fuller St.; $199,906.87


Ashley Associates Inc. to G. Micah Brooks; 405 Walter Earl Lane; $520,000


Bank of New York Mellon to BBBS Holdings LLC; 6747 Burbage Landing Circle; $256,700


ALG Trustee LLC, trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association; 308 Shore Drive; $200,365.19


Brandi N. Bradshaw to Alexander J. Timm; 2460 Meadow Brook Trail; $141,700


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Gregory B. Eggleston; 5013 Kings Grant Circle; $288,880


Joanne E. Sproule, by attorney-in-fact, to Thomas T. Taylor; 4007 Burr Oak Place; $244,700


Willie Henry Wallace III to David W. Vonbehren; 491 Green Wing Drive; $247,200


John P. Sims, by attorney-in-fact, to Brandon D. Burrus; 6013 Scuppernong Drive; $214,000


Quality Home Construction LLC to Ty A. Benfer; 5920 Brockwood Drive; $196,000


MSRZ LLC to Rodney M. Neveux; 2020 Mill Lake Road; $266,650


D&B Properties Inc. to Gregory Abboud; 102 Quail Run Court; $265,000


Edison Bernabe Jernigan to Brenda Barkley; 405 Butternut Court; $223,100


Deborah W. Fields to Robert Lee Harrell Jr.; 5200 O’Kelly Drive; $284,400


Parr Saratoga Street Properties LLC to Nahra & Damiani LLC; Cherry Street; $241,000


Professional Corporation of Virginia, trustee, to David Butler; 6701 Burbage Landing Circle; $245,400


Eleanor L. McDaniel to Newport News Shipbuilding Employees Credit Union Inc.; 109 Hopemont Lane; $159,000


Vera J. Bright to Christopher Nigel Buttery; 307 Shore Drive; $239,900


Fannie Mae to Stephen D. MacDonald; 3167 Arthur Drive; $354,500


PRP Capital LLC to Tymeka R. Turner; 5005 Prestwick St.; $175,500


Riche L. Ammons to Matthew J. Roux; 205 Jouster Way; $162,600


John F. Khouri to Melvin L. Diggs II; 2612 Riverwatch Drive; $247,500


Janice M. Dolan to Daniel J. Fisher; 6200 E. Shallowford Court; $507,000


Randy E. Dodson to Ashley B. Sinozich; 106 Tournament Court; $174,900


Fannie Mae to NS River LLC; 2077 Nansemond Parkway; $236,200


Thomas E. Connor to Noel D. Silverman, trustee; 120 Dutchland Trail; $254,900


HC34 LLC to Daniel Velilla; 2241 Kings Highway; $221,000


Jason W. Tipton to Robert B. Melton; 263 Burnetts Way; $160,700


Lisa B. Edwards to Marsalis E. Proctor; 1206 Teton Circle No. 85; $167,000


Fannie Mae to Dean M. Smith; 218 River Inlet Road; $368,100


Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C.; 127 Mallard Drive; $164,900


Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to BAW Properties Inc.; 1224 River Road; $197,600


Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 310 Greenfield Crescent; $103,800


Grant D. Smith to Leonardo Q. Barbosa Jr.; 221 Crown Arch; $269,000


Trevor B. Swan to Shawn M. Angely; 305 Silver Poplar Court; $273,500


Shawn E. Garnett to James R. Powell; 204 Teal Court; $189,500


Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Ernest Rodney Douglas; 1404 Teton Circle; $174,100


Earl Carson to Kenneth C. Alexander; four acres on East Washington Street and Suburban Drive; $135,000


Generation Mortgage Company to Radu Cotutiu; 606 Pitchkettle Road; $72,100


Belleville Widows and Orphans Home Inc. to Belleharbour Properties LLC; 2.66 acres; $1,907,500


U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, to Yash P. Chhabra; 6113 Bradford Drive A; $61,900


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Cedric D. Scott; 5002 Kings Grant Circle; $298,495


Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Michael Lee Griffin; 8433 Short Lane; $120,000


Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Larry Patterson; 125 Lake Front; $530,500


Irene H. Brinkley to Jose Vega; 1101 Cypress Chapel Road; $100,400


John R. Kinney to Daniel C. Barnard; 4401 O’Kelly Drive; $580,200