Plewes publishes book

Published 11:38 pm Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Suffolk’s Ben Plewes has published his fifth book, “Fox on the Run,” and it’s available at

Plewes, perhaps best known locally for his non-fiction accounts of Suffolk natives who fought in World War II, is also a well-versed novelist. His most recent work is his third novel.

“It’s been a good hobby,” Plewes said, though he admits, “If I had known I was going to be doing this, I would have paid more attention in English class.”


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His newest effort is about a pair of inept kidnappers who lose the child they tried to kidnap after trying unsuccessfully to bury him alive.

“They really were inept,” Plewes said.

Another man finds the child and tries to help him, but then the child disappears and the man winds up looking like the suspect, Plewes said.

Plewes’ “Dead Business,” published previously, has some of the same characters but a different story, he said. His other novel, “Oceans Apart,” is on a completely different topic.

Plewes, 84, thinks he might retire from writing soon.

“This will probably be it, because I’m getting so old,” he said. Plus, he added, “There’s just not that many people that read anymore.”

“Fox on the Run” is available in digital format for the Kindle as well as in paper format.