No reason for a second look

Published 10:23 pm Friday, June 20, 2014

To the editor:

I agree with your editorial in the Suffolk News-Herald (“Hold out for the right thing”) on Friday about the Bridge Road rezoning request. The comprehensive plan is well thought out. It is required by state law and has a purpose.

While City Council, understandably, does not like to see a businessman penalized for a premature or bad decision, it also needs to consider the welfare of the entire city over the long run. There are plenty of places to build apartments that fit within the comprehensive plan and will not turn a main arterial highway — so crucial to those who live or travel west of Bennett’s Creek — upside down.

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The recommendation of the Planning Department and decision of the Planning Commission were well reasoned in this case, and they should be listened to and followed.

Think how discouraging it will be for staff and the citizen commission to be told to “look at it again” as the City Council has advised regarding the rezoning request.

The developer needs to come up with a solution that does not violate the comprehensive plan and add to traffic issues on a main, arterial highway (actually, THE main arterial highway) in the northern part of the city.

John Newhard