It’s time to end the illusion

Published 9:37 pm Saturday, June 28, 2014

To the editor:

In a recent column, “The Wagon Wheel Illusion” (May 31, 2014), Congressman Randy Forbes speaks directly to the source of dysfunction in our government.

Our leaders give the appearance of working together to create solutions to our nation’s problems when, in reality, they are pursuing their personal policy preferences.

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I agree with the congressman that we instead need “partnership through principles,” especially when it comes to keeping our government accountable to its citizens.

Unprincipled governing has left politicians free to pursue personal ambitions and ideological bents that are quickly bankrupting our country. As a result, we now have a national debt that increases by $1.6 billion each day.

To halt this dangerous trend, Congressman Forbes has supported a balanced budget amendment that would prevent Congress from authorizing spending that exceeds its revenues.

With this amendment in place, our representatives would have to work together to allocate limited taxpayer funds and to ensure that government programs and services are operating as efficiently as possible.

As the congressman explained, we must hold our leaders to defined principles to ensure their accountability. We can no longer afford to let them hide behind the illusion of cooperation.

Cindy Chafian