Celebrating the Fourth of July

Published 8:07 pm Thursday, July 3, 2014

I was born on the Fourth of July.

Each year, I celebrate my freedom,

My independence and liberty —

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Cherished and enjoyed by all

My people of different colors

From all corners of the world

Who desire to live with me,

To share with me their hopes,

Their sentiments and frustrations,

Their dreams and aspirations

To make our world a better place;

To let others live and be free,

United and liberated, like me.

With pride and power,

Valor and vigilance,

I celebrate my birthday —

With fond memories of my past,

My history that I inherited

From my forebears and forefathers;

The history that I wrought

For all generations to keep.

With spectacular fireworks around

And parades of colors here and there,

My independence reigns everywhere

And I exult with glee and jubilation.

With open arms and loving heart

I welcome all who seek refuge,

Who long for peace and brotherhood,

Offering everyone my freedom,

Justice, liberty, and democracy,

Pride, power, and prosperity,

Beauty, equality, and security —

Wishing all a fair and equal share

Of all my blessings from Above!

Today is a very special day

To commemorate my independence;

A day of unity and victory,

Remembering our men and women

Who sacrificed their precious lives

From wars fought and won,

From crises overcome and resolved —

A day of thanksgiving to and for all

Who served and are serving me,

Protecting my and others’ lives,

Keeping me strong and always ready

To watch, care and lead our world!

Happy Fourth of July!

Chris A. Quilpa, a retired U.S. Navy veteran, lives in Suffolk. Email him at chris.a.quilpa@gmail.com.