Suspects paint the town

Published 8:15 pm Monday, July 7, 2014

Unknown suspects armed with cans of red and green spray paint took “painting the town red” literally this weekend.

Vehicles, driveways, stop signs and sidewalks in at least 10 locations were vandalized with the spray paint, according to a police report.

City spokeswoman Diana Klink said the incidents may be related, because they occurred on the same night and used the same colors of spray paint, despite the fact they occurred in five different neighborhoods.

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On Brackley Court, off Ashford Drive behind the Suffolk Family YMCA, one vehicle and one driveway were spray-painted, according to the report.

Across Godwin Boulevard, one vehicle on Fallawater Way and two on Chenango Court were spray-painted in the Applewood Farms subdivision.

On Highland Avenue in Kingsboro, off East Constance Road, two vehicles were spray-painted.

Stop signs at the Sunset Avenue intersections with Beech and Oak streets off Railroad Avenue in the downtown area, were painted with green spray-paint, according to the report.

And in a mobile-home park on Nansemond Parkway, the sidewalk was painted red and green.

There were no witnesses, Klink said. The investigation is ongoing.