Treasure the moments

Published 10:05 pm Saturday, July 26, 2014

Suffolk residents got a couple of sobering reminders of the sudden destructive power of tornadoes during the past couple of weeks, as they watched and read news coverage of twisters that touched down in both Capron and, more recently and heartbreakingly, on the Eastern Shore.

There are obvious lessons to be drawn regarding the fleeting nature of life and the resulting need to hold loved ones close. In a few moments, lives at the Cherrystone campground in Cheriton were torn apart on Thursday morning, and the hearts of Suffolkians hurt for those whose family and friends were lost.

We are reminded how blessed our community was several years ago during its own devastating tornado. Even amid the great destruction of property and the many injuries that were suffered, there was no loss of life.

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On a practical level, Suffolk’s storms on Friday should remind us that it doesn’t take a tornado or a hurricane to turn lives upside down. The torrential rains that drenched the city caused flooding that swamped cars, stranding passengers who had to be rescued by emergency workers, and swept into homes in a couple of different parts of town. The winds also caused damage, including a tree that fell on a house in Pitchkettle Farms, where a resident narrowly escaped possible injury by virtue of having just left the room where the tree landed.

Life is precious and all too short, and disasters can come with little or no warning. Make the best of what you have, treasure the moments you’re blessed with, love others and thank God for your blessings.