Comments from our Facebook page — Route 460

Published 8:39 pm Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Suffolk citizens took their opportunity to sound off about the proposed new Route 460 during a recent Virginia Department of Transportation public meeting at King’s Fork High School. And they carried the conversation to Facebook, engaging in a discussion in the comments section below our story about the meeting. Among the comments were the following:

  • Gwendolyn Parker-Harris — I travel that road often leaving from Suffolk at route 58 onto 460 towards 295 to Washington. It is the best route in/out of Suffolk. The only thing I hope is that folks heading to Va. Beach don’t learn that this route is never congested and will bring you into all parts of Hampton Roads, therefore avoiding all the congestion on 64E. The only stretch I wish they would spend money on is from Disputana to the 295 exit. That stretch really could use a serious makeover. Other than that leave my favorite route alone. Thank You!
  • James Arzillo — Please make it simple. Just widen the existing road and add bypasses for the towns. Good signage for local business to advertise when approaching each town. When I drive through these towns all I am looking at is my speedometer to make sure I am not going over the speed limit anyway. Bunch of speed traps!!!
  • Alan W. Rose — Just build the damned road already. It might not be “congested,” but Windsor gets pretty busy during rush hour. Remember, this road is meant to be a corridor for future port and intermodal improvements. Should our government play business as usual and wait until 460 is a slow-crawl death trap before fixing it?
  • John Strickland — How will the cops in all those towns ever make their ticket quota after this?
  • Dennis Godwin — Why 460 and not 58? Make the improvements to the 58 corridor. With the stop-and-go towns between Windsor and Disputana and the low speed limits, the miles on 95 from Richmond to Emporia at 60 mph and faster all the way, the speed makes up for the miles. By the way, isn’t 58 where all the warehouses are going?
  • Jon Suponski — 1. It is about 52 miles from Rte. 58 to Rte. 295 on Rte. 460. It takes about a hour and fifteen minutes to travel. Slowing to a crawl or stopping in every little town along the way and avoiding the police hiding in the bushes as well. As Rte 58 and 460 west of Suffolk continue to develop you WILL see more and more traffic. I have lived here off Manning Rd. for 20 years now and the increase in traffic has been amazing. Sooner or later the road will have to be built. If you wait, it will only cost more and more.

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