New comment system begins next week

Published 9:12 pm Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Suffolk News-Herald staff members treasure the ability to interact with the community we serve through a number of mediums.

We see you at events we cover. We help you when you walk into our office. We talk to you on the phone. We report the news that’s important to you.

But perhaps the most faceless of the ways we interact with the community is through the comments on our website. The vast majority of our commenters choose not to identify themselves online, and as such it can sometimes be easy for themselves and others to forget that there are human beings behind those posts.

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But we haven’t forgotten that you’re out there, and we want you to know we’re making improvements soon to enhance your commenting experience on our website.

Beginning Wednesday, Aug. 27, readers of will be able to use a service called Disqus for the conversation on our website.

This change has several benefits for readers. They will be able to register for a Disqus account, which does allow anonymous commenting, or they can log in through Facebook, Twitter or Google. Registering for a Disqus account also will give readers commenting privileges on thousands of other websites that use Disqus.

Readers also will be able to subscribe to threads to keep track of the conversation and will have easier ways to flag offensive comments. Using Disqus also will free up space on our servers, making the website load faster so you can get to the news more quickly.

Best of all, for some, is that readers no longer will have to register for the site in order to read comments. Currently, the site requires a user to be logged in before reading the discussion.

We appreciate you as a reader and want to make sure you have the best experience possible with all of our products, including the website. If you have any trouble, please call us at 539-3437. To learn more about Disqus, visit