Dull finance reports filed

Published 8:23 pm Saturday, August 23, 2014

Candidates for City Council have gotten off to a slow start in fundraising and spending, according to financial reports posted on the Suffolk Voter Registrar’s website.

However, four months stand between the last report that was due and the election.

Nine candidates are vying for four seats, with only one incumbent — Mike Duman in the Chuckatuck borough — running unopposed.

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Judging by his financial reports, Duman is understandably unconcerned about losing to the ghost candidate. He has reported no contributions or expenditures.

But in a three-way race in the Cypress borough, a similar level of activity has taken place. The only expense in the filed reports is by incumbent Charles Brown, the vice mayor, who paid for a $250 advertisement to Harambee Communications, a publishing company owned by fellow Councilman Lue Ward.

Brown also has given himself an $800 loan.

But challenger Leroy Bennett has reported no contributions or expenditures and has about $1,800 on hand. Challenger Clinton Jenkins has even less money on hand, as the only contribution he has received is a $5 unitemized donation.

The three-way race in the Suffolk borough is similarly unexciting, with only one candidate — Donald Goldberg, a challenger to incumbent Charles Parr — reporting a contribution, of $100.

Parr reported more than $6,700 cash on hand but no recent activity.

Kerry Holmes also is in the race but filed a statement saying he had no contributions, no expenditures and no cash on hand.

The most activity is in the Holy Neck borough, where incumbent Jeffrey Gardy has had no contributions or expenditures. He has more than $2,500 on hand.

But his challenger, Tim Johnson, has reported $350 in itemized contributions from four people and spent money for bank checks and service.

The candidates’ next report is due Sept. 15.

The reports below cover through the finance report due July 15, which covers through June 30. All amounts have been rounded to the nearest dollar.


Mike Duman

No reported contributions

No reported expenditures

Cash on hand — $3,108


Leroy Bennett

No reported contributions

No reported expenditures

Cash on hand — $1,792

Charles Brown

No reported contributions


Harambee Communication Inc. – newspaper advertisement – $250

Loan from self — $800

Cash on hand — $2,095

Clinton Jenkins

Unitemized cash contribution — $5

Unitemized in-kind contribution — $8

No reported expenditures (less in-kind contribution)

Cash on hand — $5

Holy Neck

Jeffrey Gardy

No reported contributions

No reported expenditures

Cash on hand — $2,557

Timothy Johnson

Itemized contributions

Carol Frohman — $50

Gregory Feisal — $100

Myrtle Ann Mountcastle — $100

Jack Nurney — $100

Unitemized cash contributions — $350


BB&T – bank checks and service – $91

Cash on hand — $659


Donald Goldberg

Unitemized cash contributions — $100

No reported expenditures

Cash on hand — $100

Kerry Holmes

No reported contributions

No reported expenditures

No cash on hand

Charles Parr

No reported contributions

No reported expenditures

Cash on hand — $6,749