Council approves pharmacy

Published 9:20 pm Wednesday, September 3, 2014

City Council members on Wednesday voted unanimously on two separate rezoning requests that clear the way for a Rite-Aid pharmacy on Holland Road.

“This is the only neighborhood drugstore we have in that area,” Councilman Jeffrey Gardy, who represents the Holy Neck borough where the drugstore will be located and lives close by, said during the meeting.

Two requests, two public hearings and two votes were required because two different owners currently own the parcels.

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Attorney Whitney Saunders, representing Area Development Group at the meeting, said the 14,000-square-foot building will front on Holland Road, with full access on Staley Drive, which is just west of the Suffolk Bypass. Only right turns into and out of the pharmacy’s parking lot will be permitted on Holland Road.

A stoplight will be put at the intersection of Holland Road and Staley Drive. The pharmacy will allow cross-access from adjacent parcels, including McDonald’s, through its parking lot to access the stoplight.

Other traffic improvements were planned, but as Saunders noted, some of them will have to be ripped up and redone when the Holland Road widening project gets under way.

A stormwater management pond and a pad on which to place a large trash receptacle also will be constructed.

Saunders said a fence will separate the development from the adjacent residential neighborhood.

Both votes were 7-0, as Mayor Linda T. Johnson was in Richmond on city business.

The unanimous support — and lack of opposition speakers during the public hearings — mirrored the results of the Planning Commission meeting in July.