Thanks for sharing mission tale

Published 9:09 pm Wednesday, September 3, 2014

To the editor:

Thank you for your reports on the recent trip to Haiti by Pastor Chris Surber and his family, and thanks to those who made the trip with him.

Visiting and living in those conditions gives a new meaning to and understanding of poverty. Seeing those conditions is so different from simply hearing about them. It takes sandals to make the message plain.

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So many around the world have never heard of God’s love until someone comes to tell them of Jesus. Back in his day, Isaiah in the Old Testament commented, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings glad tidings … that publishes salvation.”

Chris and his family plan to return. They know that even after people hear, further teaching is necessary for them to grow in the Christian life.

There may be another hurdle; the people may not be able to read, and Bibles that give further insight are not always available; and, if available, they can be costly to one who can hardly afford food.

I speak as a retired missionary. I have not visited Haiti, but I have lived in third-world countries where conditions are similar.

This article reminds me why it has been difficult for me to hear about poverty in America, when there are so many opportunities for an education and help in our country.

Just imagine having no radio, no television, no Bible and in some cases, little or no food or medical supplies.

My guess is that some who think they live in poverty in our country might be considered middle class in Haiti. We need to be thankful for all we have here.

Thank you, Chris and the team for sharing this insight and thank you, Suffolk News-Herald, for the article. I cannot go or give much that will help, but I can and will add this mission and its needs to my prayer list.

Myrtle Virginia Thompson