Schools need full-time security

Published 10:03 pm Friday, October 10, 2014

To the editor:

I was shocked, upset and downright angry to find out that not all of our schools are staffed with consistent, full-time security.

After all the shootings and documented attacks against schools across the nation, I was appalled to learn that anyone can just walk into a school without being met by a police officer or security guard.


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For example, if Turlington Woods shares security with Forest Glen, then how is either building exclusively covered? Also, Turlington Woods is the location where disruptive or potentially violent students attend schools for a period of time. I would think that this location would need consistent on-site coverage in the event something happens.

What has to happen before our kids and school staff are protected from a senseless act that could have been prevented?

Here are some other things to consider. All school doors should be secured throughout the school day. People should be checked at the front door before entering the building. And each school staff member should have a reliable communication method to be informed of a security breach; in other words, every room should be equipped with a public address system or a silent text system.

I am asking the City Council and the School Board to put a police officer or security guard at each school consistently. We should not be so nonchalant on this issue, and it should be addressed before a casualty or school massacre occurs.

Our children and our school staff are worth the investment.

Albert Council Jr.