Gardy: ‘Brought the bacon’

Published 9:34 pm Saturday, October 25, 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Suffolk News-Herald has invited candidates for all of the city’s contested offices to submit 400-word columns soliciting the votes of Suffolk citizens on Election Day. A different race will be highlighted on this page each day through Thursday, Oct. 30. All of the candidates were notified of the opportunity at the same time via email, and follow-up telephone calls were made to verify receipt of the emails. Today’s page features the City Council race in the Holy Neck Borough, which pits incumbent Jeffrey Gardy against challenger Tim Johnson. Tuesday’s installment will include columns from candidates for the School Board seat from the Sleepy Hole Borough.

By Jeffrey Gardy

Four years ago, I was blessed and proud to make history when the citizens of the Holy Neck Borough elected me for a second term.

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Getting a second chance is something that has happened more than once in my life. Understanding the gift of that second chance, I have worked hard to bring home the bacon to the Holy Neck Borough.

The past eight years, I have brought the Pioneer Elementary School to Holland. I have brought lights to the Holland baseball fields. I have brought a quality water system to Holland at no cost to the taxpayers.

The finances of the city are sound, and we have worked very hard as a team to have financial policies in place to strengthening our city. This allows us to grow responsibly, provide jobs, handle challenges and keep the tax burden low for our citizens.

Route 58 must be improved for economic development and the safety of those who drive it daily. I have worked hard to obtain the money needed to move forward and am confident this will become a reality.

The Kenyon Road connector is another transportation improvement success story. It will reduce the truck traffic passing Lakeland High School, making it safer for the students and other area residents.

Much has been said during this campaign about increasing pay for police, firefighters, teachers and other city employees. I firmly believe we have the best employees of any city, and the council will do as much as we possibly can to see that everyone is compensated fairly within our means.

There is simply no way to lower taxes, fees, etc., and yet pledge to give more money, as some of council’s critics have suggested. I do pledge to do all I can, but cannot promise the impossible.

In short, I am proud of what has happened in the Holy Neck Borough during my time on

council, and I would like to continue serving you. Some will say I have not been responsive, but I would offer that I have listened to my constituents and, most importantly, delivered.

I have lived in Suffolk most of my life right here in Holy Neck and care deeply for all of my constituents, whom I call my friends and neighbors. I ask for the continued opportunity to bring progress to the Holy Neck Borough and the entire City of Suffolk.