Gamble an ‘excellent choice’ in Chuckatuck

Published 9:23 pm Wednesday, October 29, 2014

To the editor:

Dorothy Bland Gamble is an excellent School Board choice for Chuckatuck.

I am a business owner and a resident of the Sleepy Lake community in the Chuckatuck Borough and I am writing this public letter to encourage Dorothy Bland Gamble, a candidate for school board in the Chuckatuck borough.

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Gamble’s comments in the article “Get Students Reading Early” make a basic and valid point. When a child learns reading skills early, some of the benefits are that he or she develops a sense of well-being, is more willing to try new things, builds a great vocabulary and has a vivid and lively imagination. Most of all, this type of child becomes a good student and succeeds academically.

That is exactly the case for my son, who learned to read early. He is a senior at King’s Fork High School, and he will graduate in June.

Gamble is also concerned that our children learn in a safe and orderly learning environment. As a mother herself, she understands how precious our children are to us and that their safety is a parent’s greatest concern.

Gamble’s perseverance and determination to win a School Board seat is an inspiration to me. With her level of education, experience and passion to help children succeed, Gamble would represent our interests well as a School Board member.

That’s why I am voting for Dorothy Bland Gamble on Nov. 4. I encourage all concerned parents in the Chuckatuck Borough to do the same.

Niketa Ledbetter