Gillespie, Forbes will fight for truth

Published 12:18 am Saturday, November 1, 2014

To the editor:

How many more untruths must we hear from our government?

On his first day as president, Barack Obama promised to defend the U.S. Constitution. Since then, he has shredded it. He has lied about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, ObamaCare, the Ft. Hood terrorist attack, IRS targeting, Islamic radicalization and terrorism, a beheading in Oklahoma, our unsecured borders, Ebola and much more.

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After the election, he is going to provide 35 million green cards to illegal immigrants. Are they going to take your job at a lower wage? People from Africa are crossing our southern border daily. How many are bringing in Ebola? There are thousands crossing the border from the Middle East. How many are jihadists?

Throughout it all, U.S. Sen. Mark Warner has voted 97 percent of the time with Obama and has jumped on the misrepresentation game. His ads regarding Ed Gillespie blame Gillespie for the closure of Enron, even though Gillespie was never an employee, in any capacity, and he had no knowledge of their accounting procedures. So how was he responsible for Enron’s closure?

Obama has told the Democrat candidates to do whatever it takes to win. Unfortunately lying is not out of the picture.

What happens if you vote for Mark Warner? No representation, but great support for Obama. And keeping Mark Warner could help keep Harry Reid as the head of the Senate. So far, Reid is withholding 381 bills, with 40 directly related to promoting jobs.

Mark Warner was responsible for causing part-time workers to lose three months of income annually. Via his vote for ObamaCare, he voted to reduce part time workers’ hours from 39 hours a week to 29 hours a week.

The trickle-down effect has hurt the nation’s economy. Real estate sales are down dramatically. Lower- and middle-income homeowners do not know if they will have a job from day to day, much less if they’ll be able to make a 30-year mortgage commitment.

The banking rules and regulations are strangling financial productivity. The rules are so stringent the former Chair of The Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, was not allowed to refinance his home last month.

Our one consistent congressman, who cares about Virginia and has an undying love for the USA we used to know, is Randy Forbes. He is not giving up on what we can be again.

Please vote for Ed Gillespie for Senate and Randy Forbes for Congress. The Democratic Party today is not the one we knew with Bill Clinton. We have lousy leadership that is heading this country in the wrong direction.

Martha Dodd-Slippy