Valuable experience qualifies Mitnick

Published 12:22 am Saturday, November 1, 2014

To the editor:

I am writing in support of David Mitnick for the Sleepy Hole Borough seat on the Suffolk School Board in next Tuesday’s election.

I have known Mitnick for quite some time, and I believe him to be an outstanding candidate who will vigorously represent the best interests of our children and the families of Suffolk. I believe in him, because he has dedicated his professional life not only to serving others, but also as an educator and administrator.

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His military experience in the U.S. Army eventually led him to become a public school educator, where he worked and taught for 36 years, the last seven in Suffolk Public Schools. He served not only as a teacher for many years, but also as counselor, program administrator, and building administrator.

Mitnick’s depth of experience and knowledge as someone “on the front line” of education is unmatched. This allows him to understand the problems and challenges of our schools from every possible viewpoint: building new schools or renovating old ones, expanding or revamping education programs, addressing classroom issues from a unique perspective as a former teacher.

These are invaluable traits David brings to the position that can serve the citizens and students of Suffolk in many positive ways.

I am sure each candidate for the School Board brings something of value to the table, but I truly believe no one comes close to matching David’s broad experience and valuable insight.

His understanding of what our schools face as we try to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of education is desperately needed, and I think we are very fortunate he is offering to serve in such a vital role in our community.

I offer my total support for David Mitnick for Suffolk School Board next Tuesday, and I urge other voters and citizens of Suffolk to do the same. His service to our community will be our good fortune — and a huge asset to our schools and students.

Raymond Batton