God bless the USA

Published 9:19 pm Saturday, November 8, 2014

Can you see, in your heart, that the whole Earth is at peace? No more guns or bombs, While death and horrors have ceased.

Can you see the angel of death? He stayed on the Battlefield so long. And nothing could Protect you if you heard the angel song.

Can you see the thousands who will never come Back this way? They are buried on foreign soil, Where they died that awful day.

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Can you see what this means to all of the young and Brave who have been gone so long? By plane, Or bus, air or ship, they just want to go home.

Can you see the children and the price they had to Pay? It cost them youth and innocence, and Fears both night and day.

Can you see the old men talking? They sent the Young to war. And so often, they aren’t sure Just what we are fighting for.

Can you see? War is a liar and war is a thief. It takes From us all, and leaves us pain and grief.

So we honor all who served and have fallen, when We gather here today. May they rest in peace, And God bless the U.S.A.

Jeanne Banks is a Suffolk resident and a long-time supporter of the military.