Cavalier Madness set for Monday

Published 6:24 pm Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lakeland High School is set to host an event called Cavalier Madness on Monday to raise interest in its basketball program for the coming season.

The event, which will feature a variety of activities, will serve both to introduce Lakeland’s 2014-15 basketball teams to the community and also feature the unveiling of the Ironclad Conference tournament championship banner the varsity boys’ team earned last season.

Lakeland’s new team of cheerleaders will be introduced, and the Blue Diamond Dancers will perform.

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There will be a Lakeland High School All-Star Challenge featuring eight teams. Four female athletes and four male athletes will participate with a parent or guardian and a faculty member of their choice.

Each team of three will shoot a certain number of shots from different distances. The top male team and top female team after the opening round will later face off to decide a winner.

Additionally, there will be a slam dunk contest with the level of crowd cheering serving as the rating system.

A three-point shootout will also be held, with three female players drawn from the pool of Lakeland’s girls’ varsity and junior varsity teams, and three male players drawn from Lakeland’s boys’ teams.

They will have 60 seconds to make as many baskets as they can. The best boy and best girl will face off to decide an overall champion.

Towards the end of Monday’s event, the new championship banner will be unveiled. Lakeland varsity boys’ basketball coach Clint Wright said there has not been a Lakeland basketball banner hung since 1996.

A large majority of the players from the 2013-14 season will return for the unveiling.

Cavalier Madness is set to begin at 6:30 p.m.