Funeral home decision a failure

Published 9:43 pm Thursday, November 20, 2014

To the editor:

On Wednesday night l was surprised to learn that a funeral home will have no more adverse effects on the comfort of people living next door nor substantially diminish the property values within the neighborhood than the residential homes there already do.

I am disturbed, because this goes against common sense. Would you pay the same price for a home next door to a funeral home that you would for one surrounded by homes like yours? Our City Council claimed just that. The City Council’s decision has established that funeral homes can be built next door to any of us. 
Or maybe just those funeral homes owned by a state senator. Apparently Sen. Kenneth Alexander (D-5th) cared so little about the desires of the more than 300 Suffolk citizens who opposed his development project that he just ignored them. The senator had no qualms about adversely affecting the comfort of the people living in the surrounding residential neighborhoods.
I say the surrounding neighborhoods and all the rest of the citizens of Suffolk should adversely affect the senator’s comfort. We cannot allow this injustice to happen to our fellow citizens or we will be next.

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Start a campaign now to boycott all funeral homes owned by Sen. Alexander. Actively protest the construction of the new funeral home. Plan now to ensure this funeral home is an economic failure. Work to ensure the senator will not hold public office in the future.

The commonwealth is ill-served by an individual who places his own wants and desires above those of the citizens. Where do I sign up?

Chris Dove