IW schools launch survey

Published 7:48 pm Saturday, November 29, 2014

Citizens of the Isle of Wight community now have another forum to make their voices heard.

Isle of Wight County Schools has launched its community engagement survey, asking for feedback on pertinent topics that will ultimately result in improvements to benefit all students. The survey, which is open to all employees, parents and community members, is part of the school division’s ongoing effort to establish an open dialogue with its stakeholders.

“While our goal is to provide every student with an education that prepares them for excellence in the 21st century, we cannot do that if we do not first build a community based on trust and collaboration,” said Division Superintendent Dr. Katrise Perera. “Understanding our community’s perspectives and using them to inform our decisions is critical to our success.”

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Designed by independent technology and communications firm K12 Insight, the Community Engagement Survey asks for feedback on the school division’s communication strategies, values, leadership and academic opportunities and seeks opinions on the mission and aspects of the school division’s strategic plan. In addition to the survey, the school division is introducing the YourVoice section of its website, which will serve as a central location for outreach information and survey data. Parents with a current email address on file and all Isle of Wight County Schools employees will be emailed personal survey invitations. Community members who do not have Internet access may pick up a paper copy of the survey from any Isle of Wight school. School contact information can be received by calling the central office at 357-4393.

“With just a few minutes of your time, you can have a direct impact on our schools and influence the direction of our school division,” Perera said. “I believe in the value of every person’s voice and know if more people are involved in the conversation, the outcomes will be better for our students. I want everyone to know that your voice matters.”

The survey closes Dec. 15. For more information, visit www.iwcs.k12.va.us/page/yourvoice.