Postpone decision on comp plan

Published 10:14 pm Monday, December 15, 2014

To the editor:

I share Planning Commissioner James Vacalis’ concern that Dec. 16 is not the proper time to hold the commission’s final public hearing on Suffolk’s proposed 2035 Comprehensive Plan.

The city has been working on the plan for 18 months. Why must the final decision on it by the Planning Commission be made during the busy holiday season, when citizens are involved with special events at schools, churches and businesses or with their families?

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Has the city selected this date intentionally, so there will be limited public input?

I appreciate the coverage of city government by the Suffolk News-Herald and urge the paper to join me in requesting another public hearing in January when citizens have more time to study the 2035 Comprehensive Plan and to make constructive comments to the Planning Commission.

Mary S. Williams