Apartments decision was ‘inappropriate’

Published 11:17 pm Friday, December 19, 2014

To the editor:

The Suffolk News-Herald is to be commended for closely following and reporting the inappropriate action of Suffolk City Council Wednesday on approving 144 garden apartments on Bridge Road at the unsuccessful Bennett’s Creek Office Park at the request of developer Sam Cohen.

Only two council members voted against it: Mike Duman and Roger Fawcett, the two city council members whose constituents will be most directly and adversely affected by this inappropriate placement of an apartment complex.

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Apartments in this location are contrary to the city’s comprehensive plan, the recommendation of the planning department, and that of the Planning Commission.

This complex will impose an undue traffic burden on residents of Bennett’s Creek Landing, Governors Pointe, Cedar Point, Sleepy Lake and Eclipse. It will impose a burden on overcrowded schools and will not generate tax revenue sufficient to provide services those apartment residents will require.

One has to wonder why council members Charles Parr, Charles Brown,  Jeff Gardy and Curtis Milteer voted for the proposal and Lue Ward did not appear at the meeting to register his vote.

It is helpful to residents of Suffolk to have a newspaper following and reporting the actions of Suffolk City Council so closely. It is not good government for council to impose the repercussions of this developer’s mistake on thousands of residents who use Bridge Road each day.

Hopefully the new council members taking office in January will follow the city’s comprehensive plan, the recommendations of the planning department, and those of the Planning Commission.

John Newhard