It’s not about me

Published 9:49 pm Saturday, December 27, 2014

Is life really about me? That’s the question we must ponder and ask ourselves.

Those who feel that life is simply about them are the ones who value their feelings over the feelings of others. These individuals will make hasty decisions regardless of the effects on all those involved. Why? Because it’s about them being happy.

Let’s look at the life of Jesus. Jesus had the opportunity to be the king of Israel, yet he humbled himself.  Jesus went to the cross instead of going to the throne that man had planned for him.

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Why? Because it wasn’t just about him. It was about you and I and the billions of others who had, have or will have the opportunity to receive eternal life.

So is it really about me? Are you planning to quit because you are not happy on the job? Are you really going to file for a divorce because you fell out of love? Are you really going to leave that ministry because someone hurt your feelings? Just remember this: “It’s not about me.”

Domenic Epps lives in Suffolk. Email him at