President should have supported France

Published 10:11 pm Wednesday, January 14, 2015

To the editor:

I have always been somewhat amused by White House politicians when they are making statements for the camera.

President Obama has set a “red line” regarding our adversaries. However, when it comes to the line being crossed, he appears to have waffled. Instead of following up, he seemed to blame somebody else or even changed his tune and said that it was not actually “his” red line.

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He likened the Islamic terrorist group ISIS to a JV team. Now, that is quite a bold statement. Of course he made this statement in the safety of the White House, surrounded by lots of security.

His Secretary of State John Kerry stated boldly that he is not intimidated by ISIS. That is also quite a brazen statement, and I was actually pretty impressed. But again, he did this in a very secure location in Washington, D.C., while the real heroes — our military men and women — are in the trenches doing the actual fighting.

So with all this bravado from these white-collar armchair leaders, why on earth did we not stand with our European allies when this so-called “JV team” viciously attacked them?

More than 40 world leaders stood arm-in-arm with our European allies in Paris, but who was missing? Sad to say, it was the leader of the free world, the United States of America. How impressive.

So what happened to all the courageous words from the White House, and why did the president not show real support by going there himself? After all, according to him they are nothing more than a JV team, right? Certainly John Kerry could have gone there as our Secretary of State, since he was not “intimidated” by them.

But alas, not one of these brave folks — not even Attorney General Eric Holder, who was in Paris — had time to join the march and show our commitment to supporting our western allies.

As an American and former combatant I am completely and utterly ashamed of this administration. This lack of leadership has put a stain on our credibility around the world.

So what happens when ISIS strikes our homeland? Who do they think will stand arm-in-arm with us? Exactly whose side are you on, Mr. President?

Ed Fancher