Obici Park would be ‘glorious’

Published 8:31 pm Saturday, January 31, 2015

To the editor:

I am writing to express my strong support for a Community Obici Park at the old site of Obici Hospital on North Main Street.

I am among hundreds of registered nurses who received their education at the Louise Obici School of Nursing and was employed at the hospital for 43 years. All of the graduates of this nursing program, whether they remained at the hospital as an employee or not, are quite passionate about Amedeo Obici and what he did, not only for all of us, but for the city of Suffolk, as well.

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I believe that Mr. Obici, with his compassion and the clear desire to improve the health and welfare of the people of Suffolk, would be in favor of using this wonderful piece of property for the good of all citizens of the community.

The use of the land for a park that would provide opportunities for walking, biking, and perhaps even boating, eventually, would do much to promote health for body, mind and spirit. Additionally, the educational possibilities for school children in the areas of science and nature are many.

I support the use of the property for such a park, rather than to rezone the property for residential and retail business uses.

The long-range impact of having a “glorious park” — to quote Monette Harrell, the leader of this campaign — at this site is enormous with its beauty and the resources it can offer our citizens, both young and old.

Barbara U. Chapman